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Welcome to Luxury Realty Group's AI based luxury real estate brokerage. While we will continue to offer our traditional luxury real estate website for the Las Vegas, NV area, we also offer this website for sellers and buyers of luxury homes wanting a very personal real estate search experience for several designated cities. was created as a result of interviewing our luxury home and high rise condo clients over the past 20 years we've owned and operated Luxury Realty Group LLC. The conclusion of our luxury real estate clients overwhelmingly identified three key areas in the marketing of luxury real estate by sellers to buyers:

1) The data fields available for search on portals and real estate websites are extremely limited for luxury real estate properties

2) Luxury real estate properteries are marketed at too much of a surface level with photos and music with minimal informative information provided during luxury home or condo tours.

3) Rarely are the back stories told that were part of the luxury home or condo development, especially for custom homes and condos.